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Hakuna Matata.

'It means no worries for the rest of your days, it's our problem-free, philosophy...Hakuna Matata!'

The Travel Journal were certainly singing this very song from the rafters on Monday morning...finally the dark days for the travel industry are getting brighter by the hour and the light at the end of the tunnel is shining positivity and confidence on even the most weary of travellers. The new dawn for the travel industry is well and truly here.

The past 2 weeks has been a booking frenzy for last minute October half-term holidays, festive escapes, and clients planning ahead for 2022. Dare we say it, but the agency environment feels nostalgic of times pre-pandemic. Since the announcement and implementation of the reduction in testing requirements for double-vaxxed passengers and of course the dramatic overhaul and vast reduction of the dreaded RED LIST there has been a real air of excitement. It's official, travel is no longer a dirty word that people dare talk about!

Every country now added to the 'go list' is cause for celebration but the addition of South Africa certainly brought tears of joy! South Africa is a country we are extremely passionate about. Our honeymoon was spent in South Africa on an extensive 2 week itinerary and since then we have returned to experience even more of the country and embarked on safari in various reserves on the Eastern Cape and Kruger. The very picture that accompanies this blog was taken by our founder Ben on his last safari in the Kruger National Park. Our personal insight and first-hand knowledge is what always sets us apart from the rest. With our bookings now surging for South Africa, we are extremely excited to get you all away to experience this incredible country and make amazing memories all for yourselves.

What booking trends are we seeing? Last minute October half-term availability has been challenging but still possible - so please get in touch if you are still considering a last minute escape and we will try our best to accommodate your ideal holiday. Festive is extremely busy - still possible, sometimes with compromise, but certainly doable. February half-term and Easter are booking up extremely fast and ski availability is also a real challenge but one we are happy to accept. Summer 2022 is a key focus for a lot of families, free child places are available for destinations closer to home and road trips over in the USA are proving a popular choice.

What next? 'Fit to fly' testing will remain for the countries that still require this regardless of vaccination status. Day 2 testing will also remain on return, albeit hopefully in form of rapid antigen test rather than PCR. Testing for cruising is set to remain for at least the next 12 months with the realistic expectation more likely to be 12 - 24 months.

Did you know that you can have your 'test to fly' and 'day 2' tests at The Travel Journal? I know right? We do like to spoil you with our service! This is why we are industry leaders! Please visit our webpage and visit the 'PCR testing' tab in the site menu for more information.

The Travel Journal.

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