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Are trophy cabinet's still a thing?!

TA-DAH...WE DID IT!!! Well, to be fair. Ben did it.

Ben has been awarded 'Entrepreneur of the year' at the Harrogate Business In Excellence Awards 2022.

Never in Ben's wildest dreams did he think this could EVER be possible.

That's a national and a regional award for The Travel Journal in the past 7 months alone!

To have our business recognised by our industry is one thing, but to be awarded such an impressive award that was judged by a panel of the districts most highly regarded and respected in business is truly amazing!

Can Ben mentor on Dragon's Den now please?! ha-ha.

We may be over half way through 2022 already (can you believe it?!) yet the business has so much to look forward to over the coming months. Make sure to follow our Instagram page @benthetraveljournal for exclusive insights, advice, and travel tips whilst we travel the globe.

Travel is back and customer confidence is running at an all time high.

Meanwhile. Can you please let us know your thoughts on trophy cabinet's? Do we need one for the agency or shall we just get a console or a shelf? Thoughts on a postcard please.

Over and out.

The TJ x

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