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Amber or green? Double vaxxed? Same difference.

Our amber vs green travel experiment has now concluded and what have we learnt? Well, in all honesty we tried our hardest to find any difference between the two colour bands after endless months of media clickbait and scaremongering. Surely we were missing something though? Afraid not! There is absolutely no difference...that's right, there is no difference for double vaccinated travellers between amber and green...shock horror, the British media strikes again!

Our green destination of choice took us to the stunning capital city of Valletta in Malta. Flying from Leeds Bradford hand-luggage only and not a single document other than passports and boarding passes checked, we could have easily mistaken that somehow we had been teleported to simpler times pre-pandemic. From departures to airside in less than 5 mins, our only inconvenience (ahem) was that the VIP lounge was closed for our visit. This was literally our only gripe which was easily rectified by a visit to the one and only 'Saltaire Bar'...needs must, but hopefully never again!

On arrival into Malta passenger locator forms were checked and proof of double vaccination. A simple process taking no more than 5 mins when armed with the right paperwork and information.

The journey home involved a simple check (a glance if that) pre-security of required paperwork in exchange for a scrap of paper which we then handed to the staff at the departure gate prior to boarding the aircraft home. On arrival into Leeds Bradford no paperwork was checked other than passports by UK border force...and that's it! The reality of travelling is incredibly simple when you book with The Travel Journal that knows how.

Valletta is a stunning city, every street is picture postcard perfect and ideal for a sneaky weekend break from your chosen departure airport. Malta is often overlooked, hands-up, we were also guilty of discounting the island until the green list cast spotlight onto such limited destination choices.

The food is delicious, the history fascinating, and the architecture stunning. What's more, there are luxury boutique hotels in abundance in the old town and the cost of living is extremely reasonable for a city. Malta is a year round destination that never closes. We strongly suggest that you add it to your list!

Our Valletta weekender included stays at the Casa Ellul (a small luxury hotel of the world) and Iniala Harbour House which is an awesome new boutique hotel complete with it's own onsite 2 Michelin star restaurant.

Since it's opening in November 2020 Iniala Harbour House has been reviewed by some of the best critics in luxury travel, to now include yours sincerely, The Travel Journal.

Get in touch, let's talk Valletta!

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