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‘There’s no place like home.’

We’re beyond excited and thrilled to announce that The Travel Journal is upsizing and relocating to 63 Leeds Road, Harrogate.

That’s right! We’re going back to our roots! An address where generations have been talking about travel for over 40yrs.

We get the keys on the 01st of March and then it’s all hands on deck for the exciting transformation.

Our last day at our Montpellier Mews agency will be Monday 28th February.

We will be working behind closed doors at 63 Leeds Road until the renovation is complete and our launch date will be Saturday 12th March. We can't wait to welcome you all.

Keep your eyes glued to our social media channels over the coming weeks to follow our incredibly exciting renovation, relocation, and launch info.

Venture back to the familiar.

The Travel Journal.

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